Pad Lock and Skeleton Key Resin Mold


You can’t have a lock without a key!!  The key measures 25×50 mm and the lock measures 43x63mm.  The key is a bit hard to release until it is completely cured and the plastic a bit thin near the upper portion of the 3 round inset areas at the top of the key, they should be fine though.

The surface of these pieces may or may not have watermarks, nothing a little glazing can’t cure!

This piece is designed from start to finish by me and is not to be remolded or a blank sent to someone else to remold.

All my mold designs have been tested by me before I offer them for sale and only sell what I would personally use myself.  They are made from the same style plastic, actually thicker in some cases, as offered by the major brands for easy release of resin.  Each individual mold is handmade by me.

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