1.25 Inch Button Machine Digital Collage Sheet Template


My husband makes buttons – I created this for him but thought I would offer it here also since so many of you also do other crafts.

Digital Collage Sheet Name: 1.25 inch Button Machine Template
Circle Size: Sized according to Tecre button machine sizing for 1.25 inch buttons (1.629 inch each circle).
Sheet size: 8.5 x 11 inches (20 circles)
Resolution: 300 dpi
File Formats: .psd and .tif


After you order, you will receive an e-mail receipt with a link to digitally download your template set.  The files will be zipped into a folder.  There will also be a .pdf file listing the links to the video tutorial.  You can download 2 times with a 30 day limit.


You may use the digital collage sheet template for adding your own images to create your own collage sheets for personal use or for sale.

You may NOT:
Resell my template.
Trade, give away, upload online, file share, or distribute my template in any way.

By purchasing this template, you agree to these terms.


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