Long Overdue Update

Wow!  I did not realize it has been over two years since my last blog post.  Time sure does get away from you fast.  I know I owe explanations as I have gotten many emails regarding new molds and restocking of out of stock molds.  To make a long story short, around the time of my last post I had just lost my transcription job to voice recognition software, had some medical issues, started a new business, and was in college full-time.  Time just slipped away.  So many times I have tried to get things going again but life would get in the way from the selling of our rental house to being back in school but most notably a little over a year ago in April 2014 my father was diagnosed with an aggressive form of kidney cancer.  He unfortunately lost his battle in October 2014.  I miss him every single day.  The fog is clearing a bit, so to speak, and I have some time off from classes till January.  I am hoping now is a great time to get organized and get back into molds, resin, jewelry, and crafting – the things I love.

I have so much planned but don’t want to promise anything as far as dates and times but look out first for restocks of the tie, mustache, and frame bow molds.  They are the first thing on my list.  I need to create new master mold pieces as the originals were broken.  If you aren’t already and have been looking for those molds, please follow my Facebook page as that will be the first place I post about them.  Looking forward to reconnecting with all my previous TJL customers.

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