New Resin Molds 8 Bit Heart and Christmas Wreath

Just a quick update… I have added two new molds to the store.  For anyone that plays a video game like Minecraft, you will recognize this type of heart – an 8 bit heart.  I original was not going to release this as I just put it together for my hubby but I had so many requests, I decided to release it.  I had no idea there were so many 8 bit lovers.

The second one is a Christmas Holly Wreath molded from a vintage brooch.  Its the perfect size for a pendant, ornaments, magnets, or of course a brooch.  You really could do more than Christmas with it.  I just love the long tailed bow on it.

I have 3 more molds to release this week and will be posting updates as they are listed.

Resin Mold of 8 Bit Heart Christmas Holiday Holly Wreath Resin Mold


New Acrylic and Resin Jewelry on Etsy!

New Acrylic and Resin Jewelry on Etsy!

Hello, its been quite some time since I posted a blog post.  A lot of changes for me since my last post.  A lot of them not really worth mentioning but the most major one is that I left my job, so I am currently a full-time starving artist (LOL).  I left by choice and am trying it out at least for the Handmade Resin and Acrylic Pendant with Cord Necklaceholidays.   So, in an effort to get myself back into blogging more regularly, I am going to start off with something simple – a jewelry update.  If you watch my videos, you might have seen a quick glimpse of these almost a year ago.  It really is much more fun to create than the sell.  I am slowly beginning to catch up on my jewelry… all the mundane chores of sanding, glazing, adding screw eyes, adding wire-wrapped bails, etc.

Anyway, I have been hoarding these pieces for quite some time partly because I have not seen anyone else do something like this and was not sure if I wanted to share them with the world and partly because I love their saturated glittery and opalescent colors so much and the sharp contrast with the black acrylic and thought I might just keep them for myself but a girl can only wear so much jewelry.  I have added about 5 so far and am adding a few more every day.  All my jewelry is listed on etsy as its much easier to keep track of there which you can find by clicking here.

I am thinking about selling kits and instructions on how to make these.  If anyone is interested, please leave a comment below.

Quad Hearts Handmade Resin Jewelry by

New Resin Molds & an Update

New Resin Molds & an Update

It has been quite some time since I updated my blog.  Do you ever get in one of those creative funks?  Hopefully it won’t last long.  Probably a nice order of new product would fix it which I haven’t done lately, might be time for some shopping.  🙂  I have been working on finishing of pieces and making jewelry.  I have also been practicing and working on some polymer clay sculpted pieces.  Most of my molds have been designed by me and build from materials I had manufactured but I wanted to take it a step further and actually sculpt them.  I have a whole tray of them I have been working on and show a few in the video below.  Not perfect but I think they will make nice resin jewelry pieces.

In addition, I have finally released some new molds.  Some of these have been in the works for months but just didn’t get to it.  Watch out for a  a lot more because I have a drawer of ideas and pieces still to go.  Right now the new pieces are two different types of thought bubbles, teddy bear head, teddy bear fully body, and a panda head.  Take a look at the video below to check them out and you can also see some of the pieces I have been finishing.

New Jewelry and New Resin Molds just added!

New Jewelry and New Resin Molds just added!

I haven’t quite had time for much other than molds and playing catchup.  Now that I am out of classes for four months, I am trying to catch up with months worth of etsy listings.  I don’t know about y’all but I don’t feel like I can really make new resin pieces until I finish with the ones I have already made.  I have a good sized bin full of really nice pieces just waiting for me.  The making of the components is always the fun part – putting them together and listing them not as fun but slowly I am trying to list a couple along with my new set of molds I released late last night.

If anyone has any suggestions of what you might like to see, I would welcome the suggestions.

New items added to Etsy!

It has been a long time coming but I finally have some new items on my etsy.  I will be slowly adding items to the store.  I started with some Hello Kitty pieces.  Watch out soon for some molds of my own to be added but for new jewelry.

Take a peak –  or click the link in the sidebar.

Hello Kitty PendantHello Kitty Head Pendant

Hello Kitty Hairbow

12 Hour Finishing Session.

No photographs just yet but I spent a huge amount of time over the weekend trying to weed through my bucket of nearly complete pieces and get them ready to be strung.  I love some of the newer molds but unless you do something with the surface of things like Hello Kitty, you can’t make out her face at all.  So I was busy painting and adding color to some pieces.  I also collaged some of my steampunk basic shapes resin pieces.  I really love the way they turned out.  I also completed another tree pendant.  It started out life as a slightly grey transparent piece and turned into a beautiful happy tree scene complete with swing and the saying Live-Love-Laugh.   Anyway, I did do a video. Not the greatest lighting in this video but you can still see some of the pieces.  Next step, wire wrap and pictures.

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