Review of Martha Stewart Clay and Silicone Molds

I was very excited when I discovered the newly released Martha Stewart Molds and Clay.  I love Martha and her products.  She may be a bit on the pricier side but most of her products are of good quality.  These molds are no different.  She released two kits, 3 mold selections, and one alpha based mold.  The kits comes with a package of white air-dry clay, four basic colors, floral wire and tape, two wooden tools, and four molds.  The mold selections come with four molds.  The designs are perfect sized for jewelry pieces and accents.  They are very much like the Wilton Fondant push molds as far as quality.  No ragged edges or bubbles in the mold and a very compressed silicone material.  What I fell in love with were the little frames.  I can do so much with them.  My only complaint about the molds are some are a bit thin in the middle.  I will definitely be purchasing more of her molds in the future.

On the other hand, I will not be purchasing her air-dry clay.  I have never used air-dry clay before but I can’t imagine she wouldn’t be happy with the effect herself and would have been much better off with a clay more similar to polymer clay.  The clay right out of the package is very similar in texture to what I remember cold porcelain and is very lightweight.  It is very moist and colors mix beautifully in it.  The problems begin when it starts to dry.   As your rolling it into a ball and you are not releasing the moisture from the clay, it begins to crack and never really gets into a smooth, consistent ball.  As it dries, it becomes very porous and cracks.  It does not dry hard and is very flexible.  If you have ever used bouncy putty, this clay dries very similar to this.  I am not a fan.

This would not be a clay I would use for any jewelry purpose.  The only use I could see it possibly for is scrapbooking, mostly because of its lightweight aspects.  I could see it being painted and used in mini-books and such.   I have recorded two videos, so you can see the molds up close and person.

Thumbs-up Molds!   Thumbs-down Clay!


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