Youtube 1,000 Subscriber Giveaway

Youtube 1,000 Subscriber Giveaway

Well it’s been a long time coming but I finally reached 1,000 subscribers on Youtube about 2-3 weeks ago..   And it’s only taken 2 years 2 months, LOL..  Like most YTers, mine was a steady 1-2 subscribers at a time, so its taken a while.  I always think it is interesting to hear other’s Youtube stories and why they started making videos, so I thought I would write out mine.

When I decided to take a break from making beads in late 2009, I struggled.  It was a really uncreative time for me.  I have always needed that outlet to keep me sane.  In the 90’s after college, it was interior decorating projects.  In the early 2000’s, it was resin and jewelry.  In 2004, I found lampwork beads.  I was searching for a new project.  Something that could keep my mind and hands occupied.  I don’t remember exactly what brought me to Youtube but when I was there, I found one haul video, then another, then another.  OMG, all the cute crafty products.  And somewhere along the way, I ran into Kristina Werner’s (StarofMay on Youtube) Make a Card videos.  Cardmaking had never occurred to me.  I always thought of scrapbooking thinking of the really basic products from the early 90s.  Boy had they come a long way.  After watching lots and lots of videos, I ordered my supplies and the rest was history.

I listed my first video on January 31, 2010 – a haul video.   The rest is history – all there in video.  Up until about 10 months or so ago, there were very few resin artists on Youtube.  When it started getting popular and there was an audience, I added those videos to my paper related videos..

Things I want to improve regarding YT in the future:

  • Of course be more regular with video making and blogging – sharing more of my projects with you.
  • I would like to be more, for lack of a better term, “lighter” in my videos and more open.  I am definitely too serious of a person.
  • Do a regular series videos and tutorials.
  • Lastly, increase the quality, i.e. lighting, etc, of my videos.

Anyway, if your interested in entering my giveaway – please check out my video here.

New Jewelry and New Resin Molds just added!

New Jewelry and New Resin Molds just added!

I haven’t quite had time for much other than molds and playing catchup.  Now that I am out of classes for four months, I am trying to catch up with months worth of etsy listings.  I don’t know about y’all but I don’t feel like I can really make new resin pieces until I finish with the ones I have already made.  I have a good sized bin full of really nice pieces just waiting for me.  The making of the components is always the fun part – putting them together and listing them not as fun but slowly I am trying to list a couple along with my new set of molds I released late last night.

If anyone has any suggestions of what you might like to see, I would welcome the suggestions.

new Handmade Molds Available for Sale

new Handmade Molds Available for Sale

New molds for resin, polymer clay, plaster, and other casted materials are now available in my  store.  Just click the shop tab above.   All my molds are made right here in my studio one-by-one with the same easy release plastic that the major brands use.  I have started off with 8 designs Kawaii Large Moldincluding some Kawaii style bows great for Decoden and hair jewelry, reversible Cameo frame setting and a beveled frame molds, and some sea life.  I have many more designs in the works and a lot of other ideas.

I will be offering custom molds to customers also and will be posting an information page on that within a week or two.


Lampwork Glass Beads

Lampwork Glass Beads

As some of you know I make lampwork glass beads.  It hasn’t really been anything I have spoken of in my blog since I restarted it but it is and has been a major part of my life.   I made my first bead in 2004 and had quite a successful (in my opinion at least) bead business up until about October 2009.  Truthfully, I made the mistake of taking wholesale orders and reorders of previously made beads.  Remaking the same bead over and over again coupled with the tremendous Florida heat, just burned me out and zapped all my creativity.  There were a lot of changes going on in my life at that point also including selling off my full-time business (not bead related) and starting college again, I just decided to step away from beads and allow myself a break.   It was the right thing to do at that point.   It’s something I regret now because picking up the mandrel again has been a bit harder than I expected when your glass studio gets buried beneath two years of garage mess.  Lampwork Bead Torch

The garage studio is finally near the point where I get the propane filled and fire up the torch.  Thinking about it makes me smile.  There is something about playing with fire and hot glass that is alluring.  I won’t be giving up resin or clay but its where my heart is.  I had not shared this video on here yet but I wanted to share some of the things there are to come for those wondering what they looked like, etc.  I am anxious to fire up the torch.

New items added to Etsy!

It has been a long time coming but I finally have some new items on my etsy.  I will be slowly adding items to the store.  I started with some Hello Kitty pieces.  Watch out soon for some molds of my own to be added but for new jewelry.

Take a peak –  or click the link in the sidebar.

Hello Kitty PendantHello Kitty Head Pendant

Hello Kitty Hairbow

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