New Acrylic and Resin Jewelry on Etsy!

New Acrylic and Resin Jewelry on Etsy!

Hello, its been quite some time since I posted a blog post.  A lot of changes for me since my last post.  A lot of them not really worth mentioning but the most major one is that I left my job, so I am currently a full-time starving artist (LOL).  I left by choice and am trying it out at least for the Handmade Resin and Acrylic Pendant with Cord Necklaceholidays.   So, in an effort to get myself back into blogging more regularly, I am going to start off with something simple – a jewelry update.  If you watch my videos, you might have seen a quick glimpse of these almost a year ago.  It really is much more fun to create than the sell.  I am slowly beginning to catch up on my jewelry… all the mundane chores of sanding, glazing, adding screw eyes, adding wire-wrapped bails, etc.

Anyway, I have been hoarding these pieces for quite some time partly because I have not seen anyone else do something like this and was not sure if I wanted to share them with the world and partly because I love their saturated glittery and opalescent colors so much and the sharp contrast with the black acrylic and thought I might just keep them for myself but a girl can only wear so much jewelry.  I have added about 5 so far and am adding a few more every day.  All my jewelry is listed on etsy as its much easier to keep track of there which you can find by clicking here.

I am thinking about selling kits and instructions on how to make these.  If anyone is interested, please leave a comment below.

Quad Hearts Handmade Resin Jewelry by

New Resin Molds & an Update

New Resin Molds & an Update

It has been quite some time since I updated my blog.  Do you ever get in one of those creative funks?  Hopefully it won’t last long.  Probably a nice order of new product would fix it which I haven’t done lately, might be time for some shopping.  🙂  I have been working on finishing of pieces and making jewelry.  I have also been practicing and working on some polymer clay sculpted pieces.  Most of my molds have been designed by me and build from materials I had manufactured but I wanted to take it a step further and actually sculpt them.  I have a whole tray of them I have been working on and show a few in the video below.  Not perfect but I think they will make nice resin jewelry pieces.

In addition, I have finally released some new molds.  Some of these have been in the works for months but just didn’t get to it.  Watch out for a  a lot more because I have a drawer of ideas and pieces still to go.  Right now the new pieces are two different types of thought bubbles, teddy bear head, teddy bear fully body, and a panda head.  Take a look at the video below to check them out and you can also see some of the pieces I have been finishing.

Using UTEE in my plastic molds

Using UTEE in my plastic molds

Right after I started making molds, I had a few questions asking me whether UTEE (or ultra thick embossing enamel) would work in the molds.  I had plenty of UTEE but no way to melt it and pour as I did not own a melting pot used with UTEE.  I was going to purchase one but right about that time, Ranger discontinued it to come out with a new style which was eventually released.  I purchased it last month and finally arrived a few days ago.

Embellishments made from UTEE in TJL moldsI am glad to report, that UTEE does indeed work in my plastic molds that I have available for sale.  The pieces you are seeing were made with clear embossing enamel and antique copper Pearl Ex mica powder using my rose cabochon and hard candy mold.  The rose mold was made with my thickest plastic and the candy mold was made with a slightly thinner plastic and both worked out perfect.

UTEE EmbellishmentsUTEE with molds is a perfect way to create quick embellishments for jewelry, scrapbook projects, or any altered art.  One of the best things about it, unlike resin, is if you don’t like your pour, pop it back into the melting pot, remelt it, and pour again.  I created a video that I am embedding below but as you will see in the video, I did not mix the powder as thoroughly as needed and also the camera impeded my pouring a bit.  Off camera, I threw the pieces back in and remade them.  This time, the powders mixed all the way and I filled the cavities fully creating the pieces you see.  They harden quickly and are really light weight.

A tip or two –

  • When you start pouring, don’t stop.  The UTEE hardens quite quickly and will cause crease lines in your piece which I show below.  Its better to over pour a bit and trim than to stop and get an ugly crease line.
  • Do not use any colorants that will react with heat.  You will see in my video that I tried some white ink which reacted with heat and caused it to cook.  Avoid these as it leave a residue.
  • After your finished or if you need to change colors, let your pan cool and any UTEE left in the pan will harden and you can remove it to keep for another time.

Below you can see the video to see the process.  Super easy!

New Resin Molds Added to the Store!!

New Resin Molds Added to the Store!!

Well the long awaited Day of the Day Sugar Skull and the 35 mm Camera with Bezel Resin Molds have been finally added to the store.  In addition to those, there are two Decoden style cabochon molds of a pretty little rose and a kawaii style hard candy.  My favorite has to be the camera bezel.  There is just so much you can do with bezels and I really like how it will look as a pendant with jump rings on each corner.  I look forward to seeing what y’all do with the molds.

Below is the video showing the molds and info in living color plus a preview of molds to come…


35 mm Camera Resin Mold with 1 Inch Bezel  Decoden Floral Rose 4 pc Resin MoldDay of the Dead Sugar Skull Resin MoldKawaii Decoden Candy Resin Mold

Review of Martha Stewart Clay and Silicone Molds

I was very excited when I discovered the newly released Martha Stewart Molds and Clay.  I love Martha and her products.  She may be a bit on the pricier side but most of her products are of good quality.  These molds are no different.  She released two kits, 3 mold selections, and one alpha based mold.  The kits comes with a package of white air-dry clay, four basic colors, floral wire and tape, two wooden tools, and four molds.  The mold selections come with four molds.  The designs are perfect sized for jewelry pieces and accents.  They are very much like the Wilton Fondant push molds as far as quality.  No ragged edges or bubbles in the mold and a very compressed silicone material.  What I fell in love with were the little frames.  I can do so much with them.  My only complaint about the molds are some are a bit thin in the middle.  I will definitely be purchasing more of her molds in the future.

On the other hand, I will not be purchasing her air-dry clay.  I have never used air-dry clay before but I can’t imagine she wouldn’t be happy with the effect herself and would have been much better off with a clay more similar to polymer clay.  The clay right out of the package is very similar in texture to what I remember cold porcelain and is very lightweight.  It is very moist and colors mix beautifully in it.  The problems begin when it starts to dry.   As your rolling it into a ball and you are not releasing the moisture from the clay, it begins to crack and never really gets into a smooth, consistent ball.  As it dries, it becomes very porous and cracks.  It does not dry hard and is very flexible.  If you have ever used bouncy putty, this clay dries very similar to this.  I am not a fan.

This would not be a clay I would use for any jewelry purpose.  The only use I could see it possibly for is scrapbooking, mostly because of its lightweight aspects.  I could see it being painted and used in mini-books and such.   I have recorded two videos, so you can see the molds up close and person.

Thumbs-up Molds!   Thumbs-down Clay!


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