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About Me CaricatureHi!  Thanks for stopping by.

I’m Megan, mid-30s, married, central Floridian with four furry children, a closet Martha Stewart fan, and addicted to wearable and useful arts and crafts.  I have been what I would call artsy since I was a child even staying home from family vacations in my teens to redecorate my bedroom.  My parents have no idea where it comes from as no one else in my family has any inkling of artistic talent or ability.  I really credit my high school teachers for my love of all things art related.

I came to jewelry making a little by accident about 10 years ago when I needed to solve a problem for our business.  I discovered resin and fell in love with the liquid plastic.  It is so versatile.  Since then I have added lampwork glass beads (my true love), enameling, polymer clay, paper crafts, and art using some unconventional and upcycled supplies.  I have a little art ADD.

What really inspires me and gets me excited to create is new products and supplies and sharing my art with others.  I really create best in a peaceful organized studio (although that is not always possible married to a messy artist).  What really makes me happy is a cool winter Florida afternoon, a clean and organized studio, a new shipment of supplies, and all the time in the world to create.

My Websites:
www.ArtByMark.com (my husband’s button website)

Etsy Stores:

Social Networking:

Dead artist:  Vincent Van Gogh
Living artist:  Fernando Botero
Movie: I love end of the world type movies the best but it is a tie between The Full Monty and The Hunt for Red October
TV show:  Lots – Beads, Baubles, and Jewels, Deadliest Catch, NCIS and Project Runway.
Music genre:  Pop with a little country for good measure.

Video camera I use:  JVC HD Everio GZHM30 and my Samsung Infuse phone camcorder.




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