Premade purchased molds are wonderful.  I absolutely love them but what if you have a hand-shaped item or something with tremendous detail that is all your own?  Mold putty is wonderful but it has its downfalls.  It doesn’t get into crevices well and doesn’t show high detail.  The only option is to move on to liquid silicone.  There are a lot of them out there.  I started pouring my own after I saw a Martha Stewart video using Smooth-On Oomoo.  It is a silicone that does not require a vacuum chamber and is a beginner type silicone.  You can purchase it from the Smooth-On website but after researching found that it was cheaper to purchase the starter kit from Dick Blick on sale or with a coupon and you get the trial size of their Smooth Cast resin with it.  Here is a link to the trial kit on Dick Blick’s website.  Or if you just want to purchase just the Oomoo, here is a link to just it.MoldMax Silicone Mold

When I purchased my vacuum chamber, I moved up to a heavier duty silicone called Smooth-On Moldmax 27T which is a semi-translucent silicone with a much tougher tear strength.  Pouring silicone is not rocket science but there is a learning curve.  I think the most important aspect is preparing your piece and making sure you have a tight bond with the base of the pour surface.  It is also important to realize that what you put into it equates to Mold Max Silicone Moldwhat you will get out if it.  If you mold a dirty piece, your mold is going to pick up all the imperfections so it is important to clean all pieces.  I recently did a video showing how I prepare my molds.  Following the preparation video, is a video of me pouring the molds.  I am sure there is a superior way to do this but this is what has worked for me and seems to work.

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